Here you go! This is my Steven universe gemsona, Lolite! Lolite is a type of sapphire found in water! Here is lots of info about her... I really hope you like her as much as I do!

---(Sorry I changed the outfit a bit from this sketch

Name and Gem: Lolite

Serves: Blue Diamond

Personality: Shy, Kind, Flawed

Sexuality: Bi

Likes: Outdoors, Being alone, Pink Diamond, Blue Diamond, The Rebelion, The Crystal Gems, Earth

Dislikes: White Diamond, War, The hate on not same gem Fusion

Fascinated with: Earth, Pink Diamond and how she could have been shattered

Gem placement and Meaning: Her gem is on her belly (I don't know what the more specific term is) because she tends to be more kind and loving like all the other gems with same gem placement such as Rose, Steven, Navy (sorta) and even Pink Diamond to an extent

Thoughts on Fusion: She isn't a fusion and doesn't mind the idea of two gems fusing for love. If she meets the right gem she might fuse (feel free to fuse/ship!!)

Thoughts on the Rebellion, Rose, and the Crystal Gems: She admires gems who will fight for what they believe in

--Food: Strawberry (only had one once and the only food she's had)
--Diamond: Blue (Duh)
--Activity: Flying!!

Least favorite:
--Food: ...
--Diamond: White
--Activity: Sleeping

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