Here are some cute lil Dtas for ya! The second one!

Entries are due by September 1st!!!!

You can try for multiple but you could only win one! You can enter in both Dtas but you can only win ONE oc! You can do as many entries as you'd like! You can only win one of them though!

Please note I will not be choosing them by better drawing by my own complicated rules!

1. Rainbow Geokittydoggo (Mary Sue Oc)
2. Fire Geodoggo
3. Grass Geokitty
4. Night Geokitty with wings
5. Sky Geokitty with wings
6. Dawn Geokittycorn

1. Rainbow by ~ShimmeringSunlight~
2. Fire by 🕸🎃Spoopy Collie🎃🕸
3. Grass by •DappledDoesnt•
4. Night by xXFaithGamerXx by Blue_sadist by 🍁Discodunk🍂 by •DappledDoesnt•
5. Sky by Tweetybird55 by Aqua Art© by 🎃N The 👻Wolf by 🎃xXmagiclampXx🎃
6. Dawn by 🎃~•*Iced::Tea*•~🎃 by 🎃 ơƙąɱı🎃 by 🎃xXmagiclampXx🎃 by 🍭DoodlerPig🍭

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