A huge crowd had gathered in anticipation of the arrival of their leader. Whispers and rumours flew through the air like birds. Decorative shards of glass and broken bits of colour-shifting lifestones were strung about the huge plaza, giving the darkened area a warm, appropriately nightish glow.
The crowd was filled with people from all kingdoms, socialising and chatting about days past. Everyone looked happy to be there, but many were fidgeting, looking over heads for their monarch, who had not yet arrived.
see this is what I meant!! this is going to make my life so much easier!! with chvsdvy, I really just wanted to write down what I was thinking of, when I couldn't draw it!! aah

The next update will be about three or four pages, I just wanted to get the scene started! I'm so impatient,, :,D

but woah I'm excited!! this is gonna be fun :00

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