Playing around with seeing shapes again. Rainbow Serpent is an Australian Aboriginal being who created (or helped create) the world in prehisory, aka Dreamtime.

I actually think Edgeways nailed it. Light vs. darkness, good vs. evil.

It's what I saw, lol, I like it.
Let me know if you see something different. I see a big serpent and a liitle one. Maybe in a boat, maybe not?
This just started out as colored blotches, swirled with smudge. Nothing intended but pretty colors. I used the "edge" filter (which really made the shapes) then I darkened parts with vector until the shapes I saw stood out. These things are fun!!

Thank you Edgeways for the heart, AND the interpretation!! I don't know how I missed that - it's SO obvious! The dark one is almost like an ouroborus - I don't think of that as "coming full circle" I see it as greed, the nature of evil. SO cool!!
Thank you so much Sheridan Cain !
Thank you Kat ! πŸ’•
Thank you, my friend! Reggie
Thank you dear Twinee1 !

I couldn't help it, I had to do more on it.

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