A character from my story.
Shy and studious girl by day, careful wanderer by night. Mai Bennett is a reserved, yet unbelievably kindhearted girl. She's a bit of a scaredy cat, but sometimes she can surprise you.
Mai just wants to focus on her schoolwork and music, but her brother starts pestering her to help him solve the mystery of their friend Ryland, who has been acting unusually distant lately.
Not only did her brother get the two of them transported to an alternate universe thanks to his impulsive behavior, but now - once again, all thanks to Kai - they have to pay off their debts to a scribe by joining the crusade to find the king, who is apparently missing in action.
Mai is usually happy to help out, but not when her life could be on the line! She couldn't hurt a fly, much less a monster. She gets away with the excuse that she's too clumsy for a weapon and is given a shield instead, but after getting to know the scribe, Light Prism, who also chooses not to use a weapon, but rather healing magic and light projection, Mai starts to wonder if she could be of more value to the team than she thinks.

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