The red bellied woodpecker is a favorite visitor to my suet feeder. There is a pair who have raised a family here for the past several years. One of my favorite experiences was watching the papa teaching a youngster to feed at the feeder. They flew up together and perched on a limb near the feeder. Papa flew to the feeder and brought a piece back to junior several times. Then he suddenly flew away leaving the fledgling sitting alone and clearly still hungry. First startled and then a bit puzzled the young bird flew toward the suet but he seemed afraid to perch on it. At first he tried unsuccessfully to hover by the feeder like a hummingbird.
Finally he mustered enough courage to land on the suet.
After eating his fill he returned to the branch and began looking around. Magicly papa appeared. Clearly he had not left but was watching, hidden in the leaves in the upper branches of the tree.

Multiple references from Pixabay.
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