A character from my story.
Anxious teen by day, prophesied hero of an alternate world by night. Ryland Somnus is intelligent and hard-working, but oftentimes her fears stop her from reaching her true potential.
When she stumbles upon a world accessible through dreams and dreamcatchers she initially finds it fascinating and exciting, but when she unintentionally pulls an ancient powerful sword from its pedestal, being declared the 'hero of light', an almighty defender that has long been spoken of to one day vanquish the darkness from the realm in its final hour... She is absolutely terrified.
Ryland? A hero?! No way! The closest thing to combat she'd ever been in was one time when she broke Kai's nose for making fun of her hair. How is she supposed to slay monsters and take down an evil ruler if she could hardly stand to punch her best friend's insufferably annoying brother?
An overly-sarcastic knight named Mazarine is training Ryland in exchange that she help her and a less-than-friendly scribe find the missing king, but will Ryland ever truly be prepared to save an entire kingdom?

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