...I have than half sister..... I didn't know about her until a 2 days ago...and that was the time I came out of the closet to my mom, we where taking about it.... and she took it well, but she said " I think your old enough to know..... that you have an half sister.." and I was shocked... she talked about how my dad cheated on her for a year and when they broke up, and stuff like that. She said that my half sister's mom texted my mom on Facebook right on my little brother's birthday.... last year.=20

....... and she talked to me about her and her mother, the most shocked part was that my dad knew about her, he wasn't there for her was she was born...and my mom talked about how my dad's parents/ family didn't knowledge her. After 2 hrs of talking my half sister's mom wanted to know if me and my brothers wanted to be apart of her life! And I immediately said " I want to be in her life!" And My mom talked to my brothers about if we wanted to meet her. They said yes!! Next week we get to met her!! Im soo excited to see her!! She looks like my little brother! She adorable! And she half Native American and white.

....but I'm still shocked that I have a half sister!!! And the crazy part that my dad didn't tell me and my brothers! But my mom said we can't talk about her! She wants to wait for my dad to tell us about our sister, she said that he might not even talk about her.. so we agree not to talk about her...=20

I happy that I'll get to be apart of her life!!

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