Chris (Christopher) A. J (Alex Jefferson)
Age 21
Gender male
Sexuality straight=20
Likes- drinking, night, deals/betting, food, the ladies, flowers, his mother, winning
Dislikes- school, step dad, not getting his way, hangovers, a bad mood, daytime, salt
Personality- snappy and rude but if you're a female he completely changes
Background- When he was born his father ran away scared of the responsibility. So his mother found a man a three years later, but he abused the child at such a young age. His mother finally realized this after 2 more years and his step dad bit his ear. His step dad left and left making his mark on Chris. His mother was left depressed and soon starting drinking when he was 10, her drinking problem lasted until he was 12 when she died in a car crash. He was officially depressed when he showed up on his grandmas house. He managed to be strong in school and made plenty of friends but only two stayed with him in college. However all of this whenever it is the day his mother died he goes to the bar and later lays a rose on her grave.

Ok that's sad but he makes it out strong!

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