I'm a girl that loved my Tennessee home, and did not want to come back to SW Florida. I'd lived here before for 15 years while my kids were growing up, and I always hated the heat and humidity. My husband had wanted to move back the entire time we lived in TN. He fell in love with Florida the first time we vacationed here. I finally gave in a few years ago, and decided I would just bloom where I am planted.

After deciding to be happy, I started noticing the beauty all around me. I started loving the tropical breezes, the pop up storms from nowhere, the lizards, and all of the beautiful birds. There are even insects that seem to more beautiful than others I've seen. I love hearing the strange bird calls, and waiting to see what wildlife will await me in our yard in morning. It takes some getting used to, that's for sure. Heat and rain in the Summer, and traffic jams and the inability to go to the places you love in the Winter. But when I see my Northern friends' photos of blizzards and ice storms, I realize how lucky I am.

I'm starting to like it here.

Made from a photograph of just the tree and the water. Added to the sketch are, and things that you will find where I live: Please zoom
Skimmer- in the sky
Kingfisher- to the left on the tree
2 blue Herons- near the water on the left
White Ibis- in the foreground
Dolphins playing - in the water
Green Quaker Parrot- in the tree on the right
Red Ibis- near the water on the right
Shrimp Boat- in the background
Bromeliad in the tree
Hibiscus Flowers- Courtesy of Twinee ( Thanks Leslie!)

Thank you so much for the sweet comments, and a special thanks to Char, Twinee1, and mishpot
for the hearts! 😘

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