Species name: Woat

Species info: Woats are mystical creatures admired by some of the smaller animals. Woats are usually kind hearted and adventurous things. Woats are probably one of the fastest things you can see in Triffadon due to their sets of wings. Woats have 4 wings and that enables them to fly fast and to be able to carry heavy weighted things to places. Woats are usually set up as delivery animals like mailman kind of except Woats get to go through forests, caves or just towns.

Third eye:
Not many Woats have this feature making them special in a way. Woats with a third eye are more wiser than normal Woats and they are able to summon a miniature animal that floats around them to help them with their tasks. These third eyed Woats usually stay hidden though inside their homes because they are seen as outcasts or disgusting creatures although they aren't much different. Third eyed Woats are actually more quiet, calm and somewhat like to be left alone.

Majority of the woats will be completely common, uncommon or rare. Some will be rare without a third eye though because third eyes are technically just a mutation thats in Woats genes. Some custom Woats I have made have uncommon and common, common and rare, etc traits becaue their maker simply asked for it and well I didnt have anything planned out... I kinda regret doing that though -_-

Newly Proper Woats made:

Closed species. Please dont make your own.

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