ooOOOoo i have another new oC QVQ and I love her sm omgosH
Someone please save me I'm making to many of them c":
But heck I hope ya guys like her!!- her name is Mei soo yA
andofcihopeylikethis aheM, as I promised Ima upload moree
Also here the rulez!

+ Oc I Own "Mei"
+ Do N O T Steal/Copy/Trace Or Repost!!
+ Please Do Give A or a But Tysm it Means a lot!
+ -- 4 hrs and 33 Min --

EDIT: gaaHH TYSm For Featuring My Sketch Fleur ! and Ty Guys for your wonderful comments!! This makes me So happy aaa Q V Q

: :

That's it Peeps UvU Now have a good Day and night!

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