Playing with brushes, three templates (inside of the frame and the paneling) and one for texture - the hammered metal vases that the ferns are in (it's light) ....getting in some perspective practice too. I went a little nuts designing furniture. I love things that were made with love and pride ~ to last
The painting over the clavichord is my "Famous" (Degas' balerina in a fishbowl). That is the image load. I was never able to import my work from the other iPad. πŸ™„
The only ref. used was to make sure the instrument was in the right ball park.

Okay, well since OregonHere asked... πŸ˜‹
Bach's Minuet in G could actually have been played on this instrument, and would sound like this. Hope you enjoy!

Deb was kind enough to find a translation of the Latin, though it disappeared? It was sort of, "Don't speak of death while you live - Music is joy"

Really worth a zoom, I think - I hope you do too! 🌹

Oh, WOW!! Thank you so very much Shirlart for featuring this!! I am honored and excited - I have kind of avoided perspective - this is HUGE! 😘❀️

Thanks SO much to all who take the time to like and comment! It really means a LOT to me!! πŸ’•πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’•

I added "Famous" as. WIP so people could see it if they want to. It looks much better in the frame! Heehee

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