These are a few old Ocs (that I redesigned cuz they SUCKED) so... Here you go!

FEAL FREE TO CHANGE GENDER OR PONY RACE (alicorn, earth, Pegasus, unicorn, etc.)

1. Speckled Dawn=20
Has glasses and freckles. Her job is a librarian. Her cutie mark is a book with a heart. (You can change everything but looks. Change from unicorn to something else is okay too)

2. Sunshine Swish
I can't remember much... But she has freckles and is a sunshine bat pony and is a bit Mary Sue butttttttttttt you can change that :3=20

3. Galaxy Sparkles
SHE WAS SO SO SO MARY SUE. (I'll paste the bio from a few years ago... It's so bad!!)

This is Princess Galaxy Sparkles!! She is the princess of equestria and long lost sister of Luna and Celestia! She is smart, funny, cute, nice, powerful, and part changeling! Her crown floats above her head because she's so pretty and kind! Everyone loves her!

... Told ya. Change it if you don't want a Mary Sue. If your fine with Mary Sues she's an alicorn/changeling princess....

4. Cyborg (no name....)
He's a Cyborg Pony. That's... It. I didn't put much development in him cuz I just liked drawing him not putting development in him. If I could change him I'd make him more wires...

5. Purple Patches
I only ever drew headshots of him so I don't know cutie mark or anything :/ but he has patches all over him.=20

So this is downloadable if you need it :3

1.Speckled Dawn

2. Sunshine Swish by moonzie by WandererOfDarkness

3. Galaxy Sparkles by wanĸмawa the ṃѧɢє by 🌷ωαтєямєℓσиє🐝
4. No name Cyborg by 🎀 KTNSand 🎀

5. Purple Patches

More by KingSillySmilez

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