Yeah people may not join or even try to but ehh whatever if people don't join well cri anyways SO

I decided to do a pfp contest haven't had one in a year so might as well and my pfp is from like last year in October anyways here are some ocs that you can use or draw

Pacy : or

Catty :

And yeah that's it so um they are some main ocs but I'm bringing some back and NeW

Well you might be wondering what are the prizes and rules ??

Rules : There are no rules honestly do whatever you want and honestly I don't mind anything so have fun with this :^)


1st : I'll use your drawing as pfp here on sketch club give you a that you can use, cause I have some spare in Fab club :^>> so yeah YOU CAN FETAURE WHOEVER YOU WANT OR HECK EVEN YOURSELF, also um a co op ? I never do them so and two request that I will actually do :000, also a ship so THIS IS OPTIONAL WE WILL SHIP SOME OCS

2nd : You will get 2 request , your pfp will be used in Instagram , and A head shot :^)) EYYY I promise I will draw these things

3rd : 1 request (( IM SO SORRY HERES THE THING ITS HARD TO DRAW CRI )) , and a HEad shot !!

** Also everyone GET S MENTIONED IN BIO **

That's it for now off to draw an art trade ! WOO

Entries :

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