My main wolf OC - Escape

I've had her for about 4 years :3
I was planning on doing a comic about her backstory buuuut I kinda dropped the ball on making it so here's her backstory!

Her mother was a Siberian Huskey and her father was a high content wolf dog mix. She was the only pup in the small littter that wasn't adopted right away. It was because she was low content wolf and no one wanted to pay for her. One day a strange man bought her for a discounted price and took her far away to a different state. Her new owner treated her ok by parading her around and pampering her, until she was ready to have pups. Then she was used to breed wolf/pit bull mixed puppies. Her owner made a lot of money by selling her out and selling the pups.

When she was a few years older her pups were still born or didn't live long. Her owner was done using her so he put her in dog fights. She would make more and more money for her owner by winning the matches. For three years she fought other dogs and once she even fought one of her first pups she had. After the fight with her pup who she had never known she knew she had to escape this life. (her pup was the one who bit her ear off) She managed to escape and as she was running away from the fighting pit she heard all the other dogs crying "Escape! Escape!" That word, she decided, would be her new name.

She ran towards the mountains, her wolf instincts guided her there. She was a lone wolf for many months before Shade found her wandering in the woods. He helped her heal, and she helped him heal from his own tragedy, and they became the best of friends. They scoured the mountains for other lone wolves to help and soon they had a pack of 10+ wolves behind them.

I do not in any way support dog fighting or support the stereotype about pit bulls being vicious/mean dogs. I love all dogs/animals and would never support their suffering.

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