Drawn with my left hand (non-dominant).
Uh, I originally made this for the "Terrible" daily challenge, but now I think it looks too nice to put it in there.
There's Imogen, with her flashy old design that I refuse to bring back entirely because it's so ugly. Let's just pretend the mirror/vanity thing is against a wall but of course I'm not going to draw that because then, yknow, you'd just see a wall and nothing else.

I've had "Somebody to Love" by Queen stuck in my head for four or five days and that's what the title is from, obviously. I'm gonna link the song because everybody needs to listen to it. Just a little info for if you do listen to it: the church choir-like backup vocals is actually just Freddie, Brian, and Roger singing, but they dubbed the vocals so it sounds like there's a 100-person choir singing instead. It's insane.

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