So the comic is about these six teenagers (the characters are based on my friends and I), their names are Umi (based off me), Clou (based off of ) Aki (Based off my friend Angie) Usuna (based off my friend Rosetta) Florence (based off of ninja) and Hiro (based off of Sailor tommo itsaninsidejokepleaseisweardonthurtme)

The story line is basically hiro Is an exchange student form sweaden (he's also very emo) and the only people that will talk to him is the self proclaimed "Bean Fam Sqaud" consisting of Umi, Clou, Aki, Usuna, and Florence who are the exact opposite of him. I can't give too much away but it's a slice of life story and I love all my little babs

We need a name for the comic so I'm holding a little contest! Whoever comes up w/ the best name will Get a free oc design and a heart


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