Hey guys! So.. yea... I'm starting up commissions((as school is starting, smart, I know)). But yea, I just thought it'd be nice, and I just wanted to see if anyone is interested! Everything is listed on the post , and after the first image are examples.
If you can't buy one, I'd appreciate if you'd could at all help by maybe sharing this post. I do hope to use some of the money, if I earn a decent amount, to help my mom with some financial problems.
I tried to keep them relatively cheap for everyone so more people can afford them
**the all commissions statement is only for what is generally presented with the drawing of the girl
**If you are giving me a character to draw, please give a bunch of refs!!
**remember that this is paypal only, if I do know you personally and we can meet in person, we'll exchange the money then. I will not start your commission until you have paid.
//I will not do any sort of nsfw, besides that, I will try my best to draw anything you give me. Tell me before hand if you'd like me to send you drafts of the rough sketches to make sure the pose and expression are to your liking//

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