This is my entry for the Mechs Compo. It inspired me to come up with a new character. ^u^
~~~~~ was a robot delevoped in a mysterious program as a means for combat and defense. ARCH stands for Automated Robotic Combat Helper. There were plenty of robots like him developed. Though he felt different from the others.. He seemed to convey these things the humans called "emotions". This was concerning to him. There were many rumors of malfunctioning robots being decommissioned or worse.. being horribly dismantled. Out of fear he ran away from the testing grounds of his home facility.

In his haste to escape he stumbled across a band of Space Pirates known as Cipher. Here he found refuge and was aided in concealing himself from the authorities. Now he explores the vastness of space as alongside Team Cipher.
-Retractable wings
-Able to switch out armor for new fighting abilities
-Hands and arms are made up of a gel-like material that is soft and squishy to gentle touch but if enough pressure is applied it hardens and becomes lethal
-Can speak and display things on his face
-Antennas on head move to convey emotions and to sense energy signatures
-Curious nature ~ Will wander off if something catches his fancy causing him to get lost or separated often
-Naive ~ Will believe and put his full trust in you
-On the right is his original skin but as a way to confuse authorities he was repainted purple.

I'm still working out his backstory and stuff so things may change.
I had a lot of fun working on his design~ ^u^

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