This was inspired by the animation meme "Losing my mind" which I'm considering making. :p
So yeah. I have a REALLY bad art block. :<
It's like I'm in art block prison.
Trying to break out...
But for some reason I just feel like I should give up on art? I don't know what to do? I felt this way for a long time now. I just feel like I'm only a good artist because I'm practicing and I'm not really doing it with passion. Is it just the art block?? I always get anxious when I "look" at my sketch book or even the sketch club app. I always think "why even bother to draw if it's not going to go well?"
Sorry for the small vent.
Enjoy the sketch.

~I own the character in the drawing
~Please don't steal/copy/trace/reupload/claim my art
~Feel free to give a or a for my art
~Have a nice day/night

Edit: TYSM FOR THE FEATURE Pupperoni!!

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