On sketch club, i was bullied again...

Finally when i can get away from school bullies, i bump right back to cyberbullies.

Hey, bullies, recognize this?
"What the h*** have i stumbled upon?"
"Yeah, your art is fricking weird"
"Stop it, just stop. Stop loving anime guys"
"You're just a weeb"
"Shut up."
"Ooh! Make me go away, sweetie"
"Quit drawing yourself with a fake person"
"You suck at art. Why do you even have fans?"
"You can't report me. Blackpawn doesn't care."
And other things i cannot write because i had really horrible language.

I can't take getting bullied all day anymore.

So, i have decided, due to this horrible incident,

Im leaving sketch club.

I will be coming back every so often to check on progress or any surprise, maybe one that will bring me back.

I just want to say thank you for all of you guys who really helped me out.

R. Decline
My fans.

You guys are great. You're all wonderful artists and i wish the best for you. (I love jean-senpai and deal with it)

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