I was supposed to finish this by today because it's been 4 years since I joined SC and this was a sketch for that but as you can tell i'ts not even nearly done=20

Anyways I mean=20
Here's the WIP for it=20

Also the wifi got killed today because someone stole some wifi cable or something (don't ask me words of my mum) overnight so I'm uploading this using a mobile hotspot from my phone which is running on E signal right now (below 3G but above 2G) which is b a d

Anyways the neighbour's kids wanted me to come over today so I'm gonna do that and low-key leech off their internet for a little bit lmao

Thankfully we're leaving to another place tomorrow at 05:15 so I should be fine
Gonna download some mythbusters to watch on the train though=20

Ok I'm done rambling I'm gonna carry on drawing this and doing my art homework for now as to not waste my mobile data too much

Oh yeah and Richard (the last char) still exists btw

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