Ah hec i already got distracted from the other sketch I was supposed or be doing

But still I needed to practice expressions for TLS so here's some of moonlight's expressions, even though it's a bit toony (I mean not that you can do it differently since lizards or really any animals have as many expressions so)

Also im actually really proud of this there's a reason I don't suallybhave many different facial expressions in drawings-

Also no the 3rd one along the bottom isn't picking their nose they're t h i n k i n g

I also made a new TLS "logo", even though it's super pijgtkess and not obvious it's got a couple of meanings in it

K I'm gonna go now since I have to get up at 4 tomorrow

Also the neighbours who wanted me to come over for ages and agreed upon it this morning kinda just left at the time we agreed ._., so I didn't get that wifi lmao

Might make some expression sheets for other TLS chars

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