Species name: Solar Shinez or Shinez
Size: a cat

Solar shinez spend their days sun bathing so they can store up all their energy for night. The gem on their forehead stores that energy and saves it for night. At night they glow as a signal that they are healthy. Solar shinez or Shinez have also been known to donate some sun energy to elder Shinez when they aren't able to go outside them selves. They donate sun energy by touching their antennae to the other ones antennae. They also use this method to heal one another when one gets hurt.

Sometimes Shinez get into fights with species bigger than themselves. Shinez' gems are very fragile and can shatter pretty easily. When shattered, the Shinez is unable to glow and its eyes with turn black as night. Broken Shinez with then start to seek sun energy (since they cant collect their own) and will steal from the elders...

Cure for a Broken Shinez:
A Broken Shinez will be able to fix their gem. That is only if they are able to find somebody they care about. If that somebody cares about the Broken Shinez enough, they will break their gem and offer half of the shards to them. Once given the shards, they cannot find another one to be with but if they ever shatter their gem again, their love regenerates the gem.

Fur colour:
Solar shinez fur base are usually shades of black and white. It is rare to find one with a coloured fur coat... even rare to see one with a fur coat with the slightest tint of colour. Although they do have coloured markings on them, its very rare to see one with a full colour coat as stated above.

This is a closed species. Please do not make your own...

Ones that have been made:

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