Species name: Knolf or Knolves

Species info: Knolves are known to be hoarders who tend to do finders keepers. The Knolves have a majestical gay king named Prism and he is the king of Triffadon technically.

Hes a gay bean and he has a boyfriend whos name is Blue. (We aren't completely sure if he still is though because the owner hasn't used him in a while and I am willing to take him back :') I really want him...) Prism doesn't need to have rare traits or anything because if you're king, youre granted powers from the vault.
Edit: he is now with Chai. Chai is an adventurous bean who likes to take photos and he has tons of travelling memories.

Lower class, dont do much, live an average life
Middle/Upper class, Sometimes will go and help out the king at his castle, live a higher than average life
Royal, no need explaining here lmao.

Their horns are extremely sharp like knives. Don't touch them if I were you. Their horns also act as ears and a tail. The sharpness of their horns tell you what they are (common, uncommon, etc) and match what their eye style is.

Common: nothing
Uncommon: slight hypnosis//easy to break out of
Rare: hypnosis stronger//harder to break out of
slight magic (element) control//few seconds. (1 element)
X-Rare: hypnosis stronger
Better magic (element) control. (2 elements)

Current Knolves:

Closed species. Please dont make ur own.

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