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Okay first of all I'm sorry for being dead and not uploading anything (like all those requestsssss)

Second of all, here is a rick and morty art

I feel so bad for morty I mean sure he can stop going on all of these adventures but how rick treats him is so sad and all he stuff he's been through like having to bury his own dead body and abandoning his family in a wasteland that he and rick accidentally created, having to watch hundreds of other dimension Mortys being tortured, the whole Mr. Jellybean thing... shall I go on? I haven't even gotten to season 3 stuff yet. Anyways this poor child deserves so much love and he sure as heck isn't getting that from rick

And I can't seem to figure out is rick cares about morty or not. Like he accepted the morty replacement voucher which was a real Rick move (ha) but he did sacrifice himself for morty in the episode with all the messed up timeline stuff and the schrödinger cat things and he turned himself in to protect his family.... You kinda have to feel bad for rick though too. The guy can never get a break. Whenever he lets his guard down, he's either in a simulation or jerry tries to kill him soooooo...

Speaking of jerry, the Whirly dirly conspiracy episode was just like... woah... jerry wtf is wrong with you you really are an ass and you kinda see a side of rick that you've never seen before when he was pretty much roasting jerry so....

Yep there's my rick and morty rant

Oh neat 17th place nice

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