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First name: Violet(only called Violet by close family and friends)
Middle name: Starry
Last name: Rock
Nickname/tribal name: Starry Rock (meaning determined and strong)
Age: 16
Mental age: 19-20
Gender: female
Species: Mei'fwa

Skin colour: tanned
Hair colour: dark purple + black
Eye colour: dark blue

Over protective/ loyal
Hates all werewolves/ wolves but once she gets to know them she is VERY loyal
Very cautious as to who she is friends with
Fast/ has good agility
Very stubborn
Takes a while to make friends with her (especially werewolves)
Isn't very smart

Cats (duh)
English (subject)
Art (subject)

Dogs/wolves (duh)
Math (since she isn't very smart)
Sport (even though she's good at it)

When she was a young kit her tribe (Golden Moon) was attacked by their rival wolves tribe (Silver Stars) while she was out hunting, one ear was bent when she was.When she returned to her base their were dead cat bodies laying everywhere. So she packed up her things and wandered off never to be seen until she was found about ten years later with a human/mei'fwa form. No one knows how she got the human form, some say it was a curse some say a potion however the most likely one is that it was natural and over the years she taught her self how to control it and go from cat to human and vice versa.

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