Name: Hopi
Rank: Koda
Age: 4 years
Breed: Ball Python
Gender: Male
height: 19.3 feet tall
Territory: Jungle
Level: 1

Morph: Piebald albino
Colors: White, Yellow, Light yellow, Dark yellow
Eye color: Red
Accessories/scars : Bird skull necklace. Small scar on side of body

Personality: Friendly | Vain | Hopeful | stubborn | Aware of feelings | Spontaneous | Cheerful |
: Year 1 :
As a hatchling, his father kicked him out of the clan saying "There are to many males and not enough jobs.. if you want to survive, fend for yourself." His mother did not know of the idea, and when she found out she was heart broken. Sure her dear hatchling would not survive the night, she went searching for him in a blind panic. She did not end up finding him, and resolved that her hatchling was dead.
Lost and hungry, Hopi tried to find his clan agin. This was hopeless however, sense his father had abandoned him in the jungle, far away from the lands he knew.

: Year 2 :
He had finally figured out how to hunt for himself, and had joined up with an old female snake called Kalua. She thought him the basics on how to live and thrive in the hostile environment they lived in.

: Year 3 :
One day while Kalua and Hopi were sunning themselves, they were ambushed by an outlasted snake. He managed only to slash Hopi's back but was able to grab the slower Kalua by the throat and deal a deadly bite. Hopi stayed by Kalua side while she died. Soon after Hopi left Kalua side, he found an intact bird skull. He took this as a message from Kalua, a decided to make it into a necklace

: Year 4 :
Hopi is actively searching for his lost mother, however he doesn't think he'll be able to find her. However he is fully ready to start his own clan, and is looking for snakes to join his side.

------------------------------------------ SSS: STARTER  
----------------- SS: STARTER  
------------------------------------------ SSD: STARTER
------------------------------------------ SDS: STARTER
----------------- SD: STARTER
------------------------------------------ SDD: STARTER
------------------------------------------ DSS: STARTER
----------------- DS: STARTER
------------------------------------------ DSD: STARTER
------------------------------------------ DSS: STARTER  
----------------- DD: STARTER
------------------------------------------ DDD: STARTER

Health: 100%


Endurance: 3
Covertness: 4
Strength: 3
Speed: 2
Cunning: 3

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