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[-🌌 Midnight Clan 🌌-]

🌌 Midnight Clan borders along the bright Sun Tribe, unlike theirs, which is unnaturally dark. The wolves and animals living here, are not as friendly either. Unlike Sun Tribe, Midnight Clan only accepts the most brutal and dangerous animals. Their leader is Moonstone, and while her name seems pleasant, it's just a cover. She is the largest of the few wolves, despite her deputy. She has few warriors, and no medicine wolf. She believes that wounds should be scars to show how much you have survived. She is always looking for more warriors, but you must be the strongest and bravest of the sort.

🌌 They have a large amount of forest for hunting, and they hunt alot, even if they don't eat it fast. The smaller prey found is foxes and wild cats, although they are more likely to gather and hunt down large moose or deer, for more meat. They send the pups after the smaller prey like mice or rodents, since any food is good. They don't usually hunt fish, but will if the prey is sparse to find and they are starving.

🌌 They have very few queens, but when they do, there are usually some pups in greenleaf. Any pups that are runts or disabled, are thrown out of the clan or tossed into the river flowing into their softie enemy Sun Tribe. Any wolves that also become disabled or useless are thrown out, as they would just slow them down.

Leader: Moonstone
[Animals they accept: Wolves, Fierce cats, dragons ]

- If you would like to join this clan, please join the Ekri group and wait for the other clan to get running. -

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