Ok so. Same thing. I'll be writing little thank yous but, will have a few areas sectioned off. One for the people who have helped me most. One for people I COULDNT fit in this picture. Ok so les go!!

People in the picture:

Trumoo: I know you've been going through some stuff and so am I. I am so greatfull that you still help me tho and I try my best to help in return. Your an amazing person and your just so kind and funny. Your amazing man. I'm glad to call you a friend.=20

8-bit: Bit. Your an amazing pun master. I just can't even keep up with them. Your art is just fantastic and I can't wait to see what you deside to do when your older. I hope one day, your book and characters will be famous. But for now, your famous to us. We love you bud.=20

Uncle Rin: BOI. Your one my my favourite uncles. You always make us laugh and just, your so sweet and kind. I know your mom blocked SketchClub from the wifi but, we miss you so much. We hope soon you will be able to come back!!

Aqua: Aqua. Your are just the sweetest thing. Your amazing. Your art is so cute. I know you've found another passion. I want you to go and follow that passion! I hope to one day see you on a stage. Acting. With a background and props YOU helped make. I know your future will be right. Stay strong. We love you. Your one of the best moms ever..

Firelily: I know you've changed accounts and I'm one of the few people who know who you are but, I always knew who you where. Your art is so different from everyones, it's so cute and amazing I just knew it was you. Your just the sweetest thing and I hope to one day see you, following a career you want.=20

Puddle: Puddle. Your amazing. Your art is so cute and just I can't even. Your an amazing person and you helped me through a lot in the past. I just hope that soon, you will find what you want to do for a career. Maybe it will be art. Maybe not. Either way I have the best of wishes to you.=20

Chicken: Your an amazing person. I know I haven't been able to talk to you recently but, your art has improved so much. I just.. im so glad that your well. Your amazing. Remember that.

Mum: Mum. Your an amazing mum I just. I think your art is so adorable and that you work hard but oh don't get enough credit! I love the character designs that you have been making to! Like the one for Daniel and David :3. But in all seriousness. Your amazing. Don't you forget that.=20

BlackCraft: Your art is so cute and I'm so glad to call you a friend. Your an amazing person and I can't wait to see where you will be in the future. I hope you stick with art, I would so love to see more. And I would love to see more Grayson and Jackson. There both so cute! Just like you!!

Ok. Now for the people who have helped me most. Please note everyone has helped me and I love everyone. I just really have stuff I need to say to these people but, never got to thank them in the way I want.=20

Mity: Mity. You have been my friend since the beginning of this journey. Almost a year now. I am so glad I stumbled across your page. If I hadent.. I don't know where I would be now. I know your an amazing, kind, smart, gentle person.. because that's what I see. If other people don't see that it's there fault. Don't let others bring you down Mity. Let others bring you up. We love you. Your the best friend/twin I could have ever asked for.. I couldn't ask for a better friend..

Cres: Cres. I know you haven't been here long but, I know your improving with everything. With yourself and with your art. I am so happy to call you my friend. Even better my girl friend. Your an amazing person and I know, were both struggling. We both have problems but, we embrace them. We share them with each other and love those parts of us. I love you. With all my heart. I hope one day we can meet. And one day we can talk. And one day.. to acctuly feel you in my arms.. Thank you.. thank you for being there.. and being with me..

Mads: I know she left for a long time and we broke up but, I was heart broken when she left. I wasn't myself but, I did get over her. She is still one of my best friends. And she means so much to me. She was kind, funny, and so much more. I am so upset that she has left again for she has gone on a break. I hope she see's this and knows that she is missed. She was one of my first friends on here. And I will ALWAYS remember her.=20

Now. For the people who I was not able to put on here. It is only two but, instead of redoing this group picture. I will be adding them down here. So please, expect edits.=20

Tawny: Tawny is an amazing person and I am so sad I was not able to put her in here. I did try and try but, wasn't able to. But, please know your amazing and we are here for you tawny! No matter what!=20

Galactic storm: One of my moms. She is on a break and haven't een back for a few months but I miss her. She was so nice and kind and just ah. She was amazing. I hope that soon she comes back.=20

Thank you everyone so much!! If your not on here please don't be offended. You are all in my heart.=20

And thank you so much for 100+ fans. I could make it without you all..

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