Yesterday, I went to a small convention at an Asian store! I hadn't finished Krieger for a few years ever since I got her resin base, so I had the inspiration to get her done before the day.

Unfortunately, the majority of the con was outside and it was 100 degrees... which explained why I was the only one wearing such a mask. Oops. My vision also sucked because the fur was kind of blocking a bit of the tear duct (where I see out of), and not even the fan inside her head could beat the heat. I had to take her off for the rest of the time there, but people still enjoyed her designs!

They eventually had a cosplay contest with Mettaton as their host, which was freaking amazing. My favorite was this one guy as Engineer and these cute little boys as Inklings!

Oh yeah. I also bought a small goat/deer tail, along with ram horns! They weren't cheap... heh.

There is another comic con coming up on the 9th, so I will most likely cosplay as Jeff because Francoeur isn't finished at all. :c

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