Cats don't give a single f*ck.

Very proud that I finally did a mixed reference piece again, forgot how much fun (but also how frustrating) they were. It's really interesting to focus on cohesiveness - same lighting, same perspective... It's hard, but worth it, I think. All my ref pics can be found in the last WIP.
My last mixed reference piece from more than a year and a half ago can be found here:

Look at how much my style has changed since my last cat:

Love the colours I used for this. And I kinda want that mug.

For the "Falling" compo, I wanted to do a person falling first, but many people did something like that, and I've exposed y'all to enough depressing sh*t lately, so I went the funny cat route. I am glad I did.

My prolific phase has lasted for more than a week now. Wow.

👍👍!!!!!CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM IS ENCOURAGED!!!!! Comments and thumbs up are appreciated 👍👍


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