I just wanted to say thank you to all 300+ of my fans! I love you guys so much, and it's amazing to see how far I have come. It makes me so happy some days to see someone commenting something nice about my art, or just leaving a simple like. It seems small, but it's always nice to wake up too.

I was gonna add a hell of alot more characters but I already gave up so I decided to post as is.

{Sorry if you weren't here. I was using references I already had or people I knew}

OC crediting!
Lexi belongs to myself!
Stripe belongs to 🦎Stripe🐍
Athena belongs to 👑 ɑԵհҽղɑաօӀƒ 🐾
Chain belongs to Mornical.Sneeze
Joey belongs to Joey
Jam belongs to ❥ʝʌɱɪɪєƥøƥ
Pacy belongs to Catty_Blyeberrys
Random belongs to RandomTheCat
Piper belongs to Colliartz

[Holy cow I hope I linked everyone correctly]

Time: 5hrs, 21 min.

Thanks for the

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