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Here's an example for the Portrait Groups Next Challenge!

Back to School
For this challenge, please draw a portrait that will show the subject as they may appear in a yearbook. Can be an individual school photo, group photo , multiple portraits as a yearbook page, candid school photo in uniform. Not all portraits must include a uniform but it must be obvious it represents a school photo

Multiple entries allowed
Must be new for this challenge
Can also be entered in a current SketchClub compo
Drawn completely in Sketch Club, no image loads
Use permission granted or free use references
And above all, Have Fun! Be Yourself
Now get drawing!!

Feature Stars for top 3
Carousel for top 5

⭐️ Thank you Sketchclub for the feature! ⭐️

♥️Thank you for the hearts !
📚Screaming Mimi
🍎Marilee Johnson
🔬 Dawn
📘 Shirlart
🖍 Quelonzia
✒️ Laura Grimes
✂️ Sena
📓 wind dancer
📌 Fire Dove
📒 Stayze
📐 Fran500
📕 Gail⚡️su.

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