Yep. A Better reference.

Here's some additional info, some of these are true facts and others aren't:

Name: Nalia
*Nicknames: King, Smilez
*Personality: Loud, Ignorant, Egocentric, but LOVES EVERYONE (I love hugs ;3; )
Age: ... (I dunno)
*Gender: Female
*Sexuality: Bisexual (Likes girls and boys)
Crushes: ... [shippable]
*Relationships: Mother [], Father, Brother
*Pets: Dog (Leo)
*Likes: Drawing, Any form of sugar, Anime/Manga, Food
*Dislikes: Art Block, Emojis, When lip sync doesn't match up

*Fandom Things:
Harry Potter: Hufflepuff
Warriors: Medicine Cat
Undertale: Green Soul : Kindness

*Goals and Fears:
*She wishes to be loved by everyone. When she sees someone saying "omg! King liked my post!" She becomes so so happy!! (Thank you by the way :3 )
*Her greatest fear is rejection. Be it love, the vending machine, or disappointing someone.


Things with an asterisk ( * ) are real things about me

Also, thanks for reading to the end!

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