I have been wanting to draw Mech!Digit for the longest time, ever since the Mecha Design Compo. So, here he is, again. This is for the Widgets Compo, and I will list some notes about his creation to go along the rules.

✔️Particle Cannon x2
✔️Sheet metal 32 feet
✔️Welder's set
✔️Bolts and nuts
Particle Cannons will create laser blasts
5'9 tall
Grab wrench and screw from Axels room
Don't let anyone see until it's finished
I will be unstoppable after it's finished ; )
Draw blueprint and sketch it out a few times
Fix left particle cannon!!!
Put back metal clenched
Hide in garage for a few days.
Finish helmet by Sunday!
Wire the left leg.
Line inside with the leather.
Finishing touches!!!!

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