Yup, I know I'm late, and I know a lot of people are gonna complain, but I was given an extension, because I haven't been so busy w/ school and ban season. So I asked MistyHeir to let me summit my things late. Hope u guys aren't too angry.

Anyway here's my info for this guy-
Name- Aoi
Age- 24
Personality- has a strong personality, likes being mischievous,
Sexuality- probably bi, but I haven't decide quite yet
Likes- food, reading, dancing, and having fun
Dislikes- hates being bored and people who talk too much
If he becomes mine, he would be related to White and would be a "god". He likes teasing White but doesn't quite dealing with Ren. Ren and Aoi have a weird relationship, they've known each other for a while and Ren has a habit of playing w/ Aoi's tail, which Aoi doesn't like.

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