Just a quick fix. Remember, Mark is from Glasgow, Klaus is from Newcastle, Nicky is from Leeds, Terrence and Cal are from Manchester (but Cal, as we know, moved to London), Davy is from Liverpool, Niles is from Sheffield, and Horace and Midge are from London. Virgil's origins are unknown (but we just count him as from London) and everyone else is just...not from the UK.
New additions are Charlie from Birmingham and the Handsome Unnammed Irish Bartender from Dublin, our first official Irish character!

Notes on accents, as copied from the note I posted plus certain additions:
Klaus is from Newcastle; that means he's got a Geordie accent like Billy Elliot (great movie!). Very different from Davy or Terry or Niles. Conversely from Newcastle folk like Klaus, Davy is from Liverpool: that means he speaks in a Scouse accent (aka, the Beatles' accent). Niles is from Sheffield so his accent is very Yorkshire. And then Terry's from Manchester, like the Gallagher brothers or Davy Jones (so is Cal but he doesn't really count; he moved to London so his accent is markedly more "southern" because of that)... All three of those are western British accents so they're similar but they have their slight differences. For example, Scouse accents have a bit of a Scottish tinge and Yorkshire ones tend to cut off words. And Virgil and Midge and Horace all have the classic London accent. And don't even get me started on our friend Mark from Glasgow (remember, he's from GLASGOW. Not Edinburgh. He gets mad when you say he's from Edinburgh.) See, not all Brits sound the same, just like us Americans the accent changes quite a bit depending on where you are. Charlie's from Birmingham (think Simon Le Bon's, John Taylor's, Nick Rhodes's, and Jeff Lynne's accents; Charlie is part Scottish but that's not at all reflected in his accent) and the Irishman is from Dublin (classic Irish accent, with much assonance and focus on vowels; as opposed to a Northern Irish accent, like as if he was from Belfast).

As if by some sort of black magic the "i" in Dublin disappeared...why? I have no idea. Ignore it until the next update to the map (which may be soon...wink wink) comes around.

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