That pretty much describes her childhood I guess. she was a demon from the underworld. Cherry (then Cerasus), was in an arranged marriage and she didn't want it, she had a boyfriend (Levi) and she didn't like the other guy (Iris) she had to make a hard decision to leave her home to live upstairs if ya know what I mean. She had to leave Levi and everyone she'd ever known. Also, It ain't that easy getting out, in this story demons can only leave by being summoned. So getting out was hard. She had to use all her strength to create a hole in the surface of the earth to escape. When she got out she was exhausted. She couldn't use her powers, (again, because they're strongest in the underworld) she started a new life (oh oh also, when she got up to the surface world she changed to her usual green eyes) she cut her hair and changed her name to a common name Cherry (she thought it was common ok) and boom. The Cherry you know came to be. A whole new girl up on earth, living among the mortals.=20

-fun fact: since she's adapted to regular life she's not immortal, she still can live longer that any normal creature on earth (not counting turtles) but she will die eventually.

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