Black hat x dr flug
Steven x Connie
Lars x Sadie
Ruby x Sapphire
Pearl x Rose/pink diamond
Pearl x Amethyst
Pearl x Mystery girl
Peridot x Lapis lazuli
Blue pearl x Yellow pearl
Blue diamond x Yellow diamond
Tweek x Craig
Butters x Kenny
Stan x Kyle
Wendy x Bebe
Hamilton x Laurens
Hamilton x Eliza (kinda)
Eliza x Maria
lafayette x hercules
madison x jefferson
Veronica x any of the heathers
Veronica x JD
Lizzy x Powder (Sally Turner)
Jeremy x Michael (how can you not ship it?!)
Rich x Jake
Brooke x Chloe
Evan x Connor (who doesn't ship them?!)
Alana x Zoe
Mysterion x Professor chaos
Super Craig x Wonder Tweek
Human kite x Toolshed
Star x Marco

( I need help, I have too many ship )

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