iPad is crashing and deleting all my info, so trying to prevent total loss. Unable to backup iPad or transfer any data & have to do a hard reset. :(

..was doing this one for a family member, hopefully this works and I can finish it later.

Update: Some good news on my end so far... (sorry this is long) .. after several attempts/hours with Apple Support to resolve the issue, and things quickly only deteriorating/deleting etc .. which led me to posting the unfinished pics to try and save them... at the end of the day the last step apple support offered as an option & had me do, before a hard reset was the only remaining option from them, ended up freezing my iPad in the apple logo white screen, couldn't get it to turn back on... at that point Apple support directed me to going to an Apple repair place so they could hard reset (which gives no chance at restoring) the iPad since I was at a standstill now .... anyhow, my husband searched what to do when the iPad is stuck like that and With the steps we took, even though it took longer than it said it should, amazingly it worked! ..it finally allowed it to hook up to iTunes as well for update purposes..which cleared out space that was there but wasn't showing and causing problems... AND, I got all my family photos back! 🤗 ..iPad still has some issues, but I'm one happy camper to have gotten family pics back..and it currently looks like I will be able to finish these two pics without issue ATM 🤗

Thanks again everyone who offered help, was so kind of y'all to be willing to help someone you've never even met before. 🌷

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