okay uh
i absolutely suck at drawing furries
i have disappointed you haven't I-

also I don't see a lot of raccoon fursonas?? :0 am I not looking enough??? The ones I found look very similar to one another (prob because they stuck with the natural color palette,, which makes sense)
so i tried making it look unique??? is it good enough i don't know what are the standards I-

supposed to be a raccoon but it looks like a red panda o o p s

i made this just for fun :00


Note: Basically all of this information is based off of me :000 so you also get to know me better lmao

Name: Shyla

Gender: Female

Personality: (uhm?? not sure what to put here so I'll basically just,,,, describe myself---)

She's very intelligent- but at the same time she could spend five minutes trying to open a bottle the wrong way (TRUE STORY-). Has so much pressure to be smart that she will literally tear up if she gets a B on her report card--
Comes off as shy at first, but if you're friends with her, her personality will do a complete 180 (gah- i have to find a better way to word that). (adding more later probably)

Bio: (adding more later) When she was really young, she had a lot of pressure to do well in school. She used to be so shy- that her teacher enrolled her in speech class because she thought she was incapable of speaking English (also true story)

Likes: Enjoys drawing so much, that she always has some sort of sketchbook with her at all times, and scribbles on the margins of her notes. She has a fascination with reptiles, and used to draw them when she was really little, freaking out her parents. Lives off of purely Starbucks- or at least, tea. (adding more later)

Dislikes: Slightly afraid of escalators because she doesn't want to take the wrong step and somehow trip- so she tries to avoid them. She dislikes being unorganized, but she can't help it. (adding more later)


and thanks for reading this :00

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