Me and my "best friend" I don't know what to call her anymore we had a fight and when we have a fight (since we're always together) when's she's not next to me my friends ask where she is and I just tell them my situation and then that's it. But I found out that she talks crap about me behind my back. And I told her that people did that I'm 7th grade where it just lowered my self-esteem and made my depression worse making me have thoughts of cutting and I told "my best friend" everything and she decides to do the exact thing that got my depression worse.... I think my depression got worse again because I'm going through things at school and her just adding on to it makes it more stressful.. I'm feeling a lot of things right now like
-I feel like crying
-I feel like cutting again

Am my brain is just lost and I'm... just confused about life.. I'll draw more tonight I have to go to something... bye.

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