Any who... this contest is for my comic
Idea: I need a cover for my comic so the challenge will be to make a cover AND title for it, if u have a good cover but bad title you will get first - if u have a good title but bad cover u will get second
IMPORTANT: for the cover you need to include a new character that will be the protagonist - if u have a good character but bad cover and title you get third; the character has to be wearing the uniform on this cover- DO NOT USE THE PERSON ON THIS COVER, that is me but I just needed someone to wear the outfit
Theme- The setting of the comic is a school for magic so probably use that idea... or don't if you don't want to, it won't really deduct my score
If there are any problems, then comment or msg me and we can probably fix it- I'm a pretty flexible person

1st- 3 hearts and 5 requests
2nd- 2 hearts and 3 requests
3rd- 1 heart and 2 requests

If u meet all the requirements, then u win all the prizes

I will re-design it so that it'll fit my style but credit whoever wins with the cover idea

Due date- December 25, 2017



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