This sketch is downloadable for anyone desiring to learn how stereograms are created.

*****Viewing Notes*****

To make viewing easier, I added two black focal dots. If you focus "through" the sketch and see three black dots, the 3D image will be in the center. Do not cross your eyes.

Note: best viewed and created on a smaller screen or further away from a larger screen. When creating on a larger device, zoom out to a comfortable distance.

*****For additional help*****

You cannot create a stereogram unless you can see them.

If you have difficulty seeing stereograms, perhaps this tutorial will help...

Otherwise, just enjoy the sketch and tutorial!


After downloading, please complete the following four assignments as needed to learn how to create your own stereogram. Please be aware that you need to be able to see 3D images within stereograms before you can create one using this method. (These are not the same as computer generated autostereograms, but are made with the same concept.)

šŸ”Assignment 1:
Move an object closer or further away.

Explore the layers within the sketch and choose one to work with. Select the entire layer or one object within the layer. Using the "transform" option, find the settings (gears icon) and change the Y values ONLY. (You must keep the object in the same plane to see it in stereo.)

See what happens when you change it plus or minus 5, 10, or 20.

Try some other layers or objects until you know you understand this concept. Undo all changes before trying the next assignment, or close without saving changes and reopen when ready to continue.

*since this sketch is in landscape, the Y axis moves an object left or right. Be mindful of your orientation when you create your own stereogram in assignment four.

See wips for Assignments 2-4.

Thanks for the s !!!

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