Dear Mimi, my birthday twin, you have been a source of laughter and strength for me. I wish all the best for you in the year ahead I wanted to get this uploaded the day before the 26th, but in "Ruscifi" days, that equals the day after. For your birthday this year, I'm going to share my magic secret with you! You have been patient, trustworthy and inquisitive and so your reward is at hand. From the other side of the mailbox, my reverse self is handing you the Mystic 26th Libra box. In this box is the treasure you've been seeking! First you must say the arcane incantation of Immawannadrawbetta, standing on one foot. Hop once left, thrice right and shimmy shimmy coco bop! The lock will pop open! Now, dip the fingers of your dominant hand in the luxurious and slightly slimy mystical contents. Swirl them around in the semi-gelatinous ooze for 15 minutes while silently reciting the Magna Carta in your head. Now pick up a stylus and go to town! Draw at least an hour a day for 6 months. Compare your results with a previous sketch. Repeat the process for the foreseeable future. And Voila! I guarantee you will be amazed and gobsmacked at the leaps and bounds you've progressed. Now, no need to thank me, my dear BT, this has been my pleasure. Oh, and don't forget your mail in the mailbox

I'm really glad you like your card Mimi Thanks for featuring it🌹 Happy Birthday BT

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