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South Woodcreek School of Electronic Music Production
Run by Principle Monstercat and Vice Principal Nicole
A school made especially for learning about EDM, and different production styles and genres.

Follow Braken, Xtrullor, Haywyre, Muzzy, Tristam, Noisestorm, Tokyo Machine, SharaX, Mystix, and more through their stories of love and hate. of friendship and heartbreak.
Their group stands strong, but can Wontolla and Deadmau5 break them apart? Will rivalries form? Will someone get into huge trouble?

[Writer's note: Most of the characters in this comic do not belong to me. The only exceptions being Voluminous, and some teachers/school staff which I designed myself. These characters are mostly EDM artists' personas, mascots or logos. Credit goes to either the artists from Monstercat, Xpanse, Re:loaded, or other EDM labels or audio platforms, or the talented digital artists that thought up a character to represent these artists. I also designed some characters to represent artists myself, for example, Mystix]

here it is! the cover art for The Yearbook!
im sorry about not uploading a page last Saturday. I'm currently in orlando, so we're going out and doing stuff around international drive.
page ten may or may not be out tomorrow. we'll see.

there are spaces for OCs to be included, to be staff or teachers in the school, or background characters in the streets.
-I'd prefer anthro, furry or human characters, so they fit in with the rest of the cast. I'll accept feral characters, as long as i can make them into anthro characters.
-your characters cannot be students in the school.
-send me a reference sheet of your OC along with your request.
-multiple characters per person are allowed. the limit is three per person.

[Musician cast list]
Monstercat, Nicole

Main characters:
Braken, Xtrullor, Muzzy, Tristam, Haywyre, Wontolla, Deadmau5

Foreground characters:
SharaX, Mystix, Tokyo Machine, Noisestorm, Alexander, Michael, c0nvexity, Ben Lepper, Seven Minutes Dead, Protostar, Rogue,

Background characters:
Miller, Redhawk, Stonebank, Voluminous, Marshmello, Tut Tut Child, Aero Chord, Fox Stevenson, Hellberg, Glacier, Rezonate, Shawn Wasabi, Syonide, Puppet, Unlike Pluto, Nitro Fun, Dion Timmer, Kayzo, Madeon,

[OC cast list]
Teaching staff:

Other staff:

South Woodcreek residents/Background characters:
Yazoo (my own OC)
Gem (my own OC)

Doctors/Nurses/Hospital staff:
Gigabyte (my own OC)

Waiters/Restaurant staff:
Neko ( FandomTrash707 's OC)

First Page: http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10866818
Most Recent Page: http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10906534 (Page nine)
The Yearbook Album!
all the pages of The Yearbook are stored on this album. check it out!

Rain's Comics Group!
i made this group long ago, but I'm gonna get it back up and running again! tune in for news about The Yearbook and future comic series!

The Yearbook on Instagram!
if i know you well, check out @ pure_edm_trash on Instagram! it is my private account- but The Yearbook will be uploaded to there too! every Saturday, just like on SC.

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