First off, please, DO NOT report this for "not being a sketch" clearly THIS IS A SKETCH. Can't you see I've DRAWN this? Like seriously? It's hilarious you're reporting this for no reason. Yeah, I get mad because it can be annoying when you receive spam every second saying "Your sketch has been reported for not being a sketch" but then I just shake it off and move on. So if you're trying to troll me, just don't. It's really annoying. And as you can see this is my reaction for it. Happy now? You've got a reaction, now stop. K? Thanks.

For those of you who have known me ever since I've joined sc I "wasn't" in the LGBT+ community. Why did I add quotation marks? You'll find out.
People have been pissing me off saying that I've only joined the LGBT community just to get attention when they don't even let me explain! So I'm now here to do that! Sit back and relax because this is going to take a while, sweetheart.

Ever since I was in 4TH GRADE I've felt like I'm attracted to both genders, which I am still now. But ever since I've felt that way I've decided to WAIT and TAKE MY TIME before I decided that I'm bisexual. Now before you complain: "But Piper, you are Bi! You've told me yourself!" Yes. Yes I did, but at that time I thought I was for sure I am. But now I'm deciding to take a while longer to think about this BECAUSE I AM STILL YOUNG AND MOST PEOPLE MY AGE ALL READY DECIDED THEY WERE GAY OR BI! Which in my opinion is NOT NECESSARY. YOU STILL HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO SWEETIE. You shouldn’t go around telling people you’re gay when there is a possibility you could change your mind in the future! This is my opinion DON'T KILL ME PLEASE.
ANYWAY, back to the story. So I'm still thinking about my sexuality. If you couldn't tell, my fursona on "S/O" says: "interested in both genders, but still deciding" woah isn't that mature??
But I AM NOT DOING THIS FOR ATTENTION MK?? Just wanted to make that clear!! But atm I am interested in both genders, so if I could have a boyfriend or a girlfriend I wouldn't mind having either. I honestly don't care about gender. I just care about personality, which really matters the most! So now that this is cleared up here's some apologies-
Sorry if this offended you in anyway, this is just my opinion and rant, plus you have been warned from the title. Also sorry if I sound rude, once again this is my opinions and rant.

Another thing to mention. At the time everyone thought I was straight that was when I thought I would be judged if people knew I thought this way. That's why I kept it a secret and labeled my self as straight.

Also, I realize that the trend rn is "If you support LGBT you should actually "JOIN" LGBT. So people thing that if you support it you need to be in it. But that's not the case here, and that's not how it all started for me, just to make that clear
If you have any questions feel free to message me or comment.

Also, yes. My parents are aware of this situation. I've told them recently that I'm attracted to both genders. They don't support the LGBT+ community, but they are ok with me feeling this way and will support me if I ever have a girlfriend. They also suggested that I take my time thinking about this, so I am.
Thank you, love you guys.

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