Okay- so I have some adorable info on Damien.

When he was younger he had this amazing preschool/kindergarten teacher who inspired him to no extent! He wanted to be just like her and even had her do his hair in a similar fashion to hers until he eventually got the hang of doing it himself.

His teacher had a terrible sense of style and fashion so she would always come to school wearing a sweater, usually yellow, along with a dark purple vest over it and she would always say she's wearing a sweater vest. Along with her Orange/pink hair she looked exactly like her job description. Sweet and caring, if not a little ditsy.

All of this sparked Damien's love of Orange, Vest's, doing hair, and taking care of younger kids as he would always be teachers little helper and would even help with toddlers and other kids younger than him. This teacher also inspired him to want to be a teacher and he still wants to be a kindergarten/preschool teacher ;3


I also love how I can just make headcannons for my characters, like- I could say It's headcannon that Damien and Jonathan are boyfs and it would be headcannon! So I'm making the headcannon that Jonathan LOVES goth stuff, choakers, Hot Topic, stuff like that. But he also loves short shorts and he is basically all legs. Like seriously. dEm lEGs-

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